Review Policy

I am not a professional reviewer, i just review items to pass my time. As i have decided to not go back to work and spend time with my children. So my blog is my hobby. 

Please note i aim to give an honest review, im not doing reviewing to lie about a product you will get my honest review, good and bad points too. This is my policy and these are the terms you agree too when sending me a product to review.

I do not request items to sell after, i use them to benefit mostly my children. After all they are the ones that are reviewing the products. I'm just the one writing them up.

I will always give an honest review, as i hope every blogger does the same i look at blogger reviews when I'm looking to buy products now for my children. So i want an honest opinion.

I will consider all applications for paid advertising, sponsored posts and product/service reviews provided that they are relevant to myself and my readers.  Where content is sponsored I will make it very clear in my post in the interest of honesty and disclosure. As a family we are based in Birmingham.
 We would be happy to attend events around the country provided our travel costs are covered. 

I am also happy to consider giveaways/competitions for readers of my blog, again if they are in keeping with the content of my blog. Please direct all enquiries to me.