Saturday, 22 February 2020

Uni-Verse Unicorns- Which One Will You Collect?

Uni-Verse Unicorns- Which One Will You Collect?

Lexie is a massive fan of unicorns and emojis, so these are the perfect combination of the two with season one Uni-Verse unicorns from Spinmaster. 

You start off with a emoji cloud pillow, you dip them in warm water to reveal four blind bags and the water will colour change what ever colour the pillow is. After the cloud dissolves it leaves a sticky slime so best to do in a bowl in sink or bath.

Each pack contains one figure, one pet friend, two accessories, one bio card, one collector poster, plus an instruction sheet. Discover lipstick and doughnuts for horns, purses and a moustache for mouths and more. Mix and match for sillier combinations!

There are over 40 figures to collect with, Colour changing, liquid filled, scented, fun hair, glow in the dark, transculent, metallic and fuzzy unicorns to collect. Each unicorn belongs to a different world including, Sweet treats landing, Nummy bay, Superstar city, Funtasyland, Glam -A - Ganzaland, Pet- Partypeak & Mist-Terious Land. 

Lexie favourite is an super duper uni-que ( rare) Mwah- Mwah Mia. Which is glitter/liquid filled, which is like a mini glitter globe. 

We received four packs, and received these Uni-verse Unicorns. 

Glammin Cameryn 

Mwah- Mwah Mia 

Bun Appetit Becca 

Sunburst Sydney

RRP is £9 but currently are £5 in most places. 

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