Sunday, 13 October 2019

Spooky Halloween Treats With Japan Candy Box & Giveaway

We haven’t had a Japan Candy Box for a while and I forgot how totally amazing they are every time we get one. We received the Halloween special box which was full to the brim with amazing treats. 

Japan Candy Box is a monthly subscription box which works out around £15.70p in GSP. Each candy box includes hard to find seasonal and exclusive Japanese candies. Including some favourites like Pocky and Kitkat. Everyone knows Japan is the king of the different flavoured Kitkats.

So inside this months box we got a selection of 10 treats. We got a selection of a few cornpuffs/sticks in this one. The artwork on Japanese sweets and snacks is amazing and we absolutely loved the Halloween art in this months Box. 

First of all was the Pokémon Halloween chocolate party snack. These was chocolate coated puff snack in the shape of Pikachu. 

Tohato caramel corn puffs. These spooky witch corn puffs in caramel flavour was amazing and literary just melt in your mouth. These was my second favourite-thing inside this months box. 

Umaibo snack stick. A savoury corn stick with the flavour of creamy corn and potage soup. 

Koala march Halloween biscuits. Cute Halloween themed biscuits with a hard biscuit shell and yummy chocolate inside. I think these was the winner with both kids they absolutely loved these and they was the first to go.

Terrible Ghost story gum. This is the most scariest chewing gum I have ever seen. Keep the included talisman with you to warn off evil spirits.

Toppo chocolate filled biscuit sticks. Crispy on the outside with smooth chocolate on this inside. 

Shimi Halloween choc corn stars. Chocolate corn puffs shaped in cute little stars. 

Monstro Frankstein Gum. Soft chewing gum with the flavours of refreshing soda and cola. Be careful as your tongue changes colour too. 

Black Thunder chocolate bar. Rice puffs covered in chocolate make the perfect crunchy snack. 

Tohato Bokun Habanero Chips. So the kids hated these, too spicy for them. I absolutely loved these Habanero flavoured little ring chips. My favourite thing out the box and I didn’t have to share... 

As usual we loved the Japan Candy Box, we absolutely love to taste test things that we can’t get in the Uk. 

For your chance to win your very own Japan Candy Box click below. 

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