Saturday, 24 August 2019

Awesome Bloss'ems Dolls Review.

Lexie was super excited to receive the Awesome Bloss’ems Box in the post, we have never seen anything like this before, growing your own toy doll. There are 26 Awesome Bloss’ems to collect and are scented,  each doll smells sweet, like flowers and wears a fierce floral outfit and blossom on her head, representing her theme! With 5 themes, collect rares, super rares, or even an ultra-rare.. 

Inside the Awesome Bloss’ems pot with dome and lid. 1 Seed, 1 Awesome Bloss’ems Doll, 1 Bag of Sparkle Play Soil, 1 Leaf Spoon, 1 Circle Sheet of Chip Art, 1 Instruction Sheet with Collector’s Guide. Everything you need to plant and grow your own doll.

The flowerpot’s glittery dome and lid act as a play space and terrarium to display your Awesome Bloss’ems doll. Decorate the magical garden with colorful chip art and place your doll into the leaf hammock for a nap.

You take the seed, sprinkle it with the purple colourful seed. Use the green leaf to water it ( we used about 4 ) then watch it grow just like magic. 

Don’t forget to say the magic words “Plant the seed, let water flow, you have the magic to make Awesome Bloss’ems grow. 

The doll grows and pops up then you can play with her in her special playset that comes inside, or she can take a little nap in the green leaf hammock. 


RRP -£7.99 and available from Smyths Toys