Saturday, 15 June 2019

Hatchimal Pixies Out This June From Spinmaster.

From the makers of one of the best selling toys Hatchimals.  Spinmaster have brought out a new fantastic range of Hatchimals. The new range of Pixies wave 1 are out this month. One day, new eggs suddenly appeared in Hatchtopia! Larger and more beautiful than any before, no one knew where they had come from or just who was inside. As the Hatchimals cared for the eggs, they began to take on unique properties, inspired by their different regions. Then, after 9 months of love and care, the new magical friends were finally ready to hatch ... and for the first time ever, the Hatchimals met the Pixies. 

There are 8 Hatchimals pixies to collect. Each pixie comes from 4 different regions Glittering Garden, Wishing Star Waterfall, Crystal Canyon, Polar Paradise. 

Polar Penelope

Wishing Star Willow

These huge shimmery eggs you open just like before, rub the purple magic heart until the heart turns pink then you press to open and just like magic the Pixie appears. 

They come with three super cool accessories and a pixie bed. Including a stand for the dolls for displaying. When your Pixie isn’t accessorising, store her accessories in the bottom of the egg and display her on the included Pixie bed

They have magical glittery wings that really flutter and poseable heads. Pixies are super stylish, with colourful sparkly hair and fabulous outfits inspired by their Hatchtopia Hangouts. 

RrP £7.99 Age 5+

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