Sunday, 23 June 2019

Follow Us A Day Out In Birmingham..

With Birmingham centre now being a huge place for food and shopping, it’s easy accessible from everywhere on a train. Why not stay overnight with hotels in Birmingham pick a hotel right by the train station too.  As Birmingham is our home town I thought we would do a day in the life of what we do when we decide to come in to the town centre.

Visit the biggest Primark which has 5 floors of shopping, cafes and beauty salons you could literally spend a whole day inside. 

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery has a collection of international importance covering fine art, ceramics, metalwork, jewellery, natural history, archaeology, ethnography, local history and industrial history. The museum/gallery is run by Birmingham Museums Trust, the largest independent museums trust in the United Kingdom, which also runs eight other museums around the city. It’s completely free and perfect for a low cost family morning to spend on hour or two looking around. Look out for different events going on inside too, as sometimes booking is required.

The Odeon cinema is normally our choice, when it comes to see the latest releases out on the big screen. The week was Toy Story 4, we absolutely loved it. It was worth the wait and like all Disney Pixar films. I just absolutely love everyone. Adult and children tickets are £5 everyday, even on weekends. So it’s definitely a within budget activity for us all to do. 

If you follow me on Instagram you know I’m currently trying to loose weight and I’m following slimming world. So Nando’s is normally my go to place as I know I can stay on plan and get some delicious food. The children’s menu is £5.95 they get a choice of chicken breast, burger or wings ( plus veggie options)  then a choice of two sides with a drink. Which is actually a fantastic price when you are a family. There are a selection of 5 Nando’s all around the centre too.

Lush has recently moved and now is two floors. And if that wasn't exciting enough, the branch has its own spa! The new store also offers a variety of treatment services for shoppers - in the main store area and a separate spa area. We always pop in when we are in town and see what new bath bombs are in now, we got a little treat this weekend. 

* A collaboration,  the spending money was gifted by but all views are my own *

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