Thursday, 27 June 2019

Rainbocorns Series 2 - What Will You Hatch?

Rainbocorns Series 2 are out now, a new collection full of super cuddly creatures. Go crazy with the latest adorable sparkly, sequin surprises to hatch this year!  


Open the brightly coloured egg to reveal 10 layers of wonder for an array of sparkling adventures. With more surprises within the egg including Rainbocorn poop, character accessories & stickers.

With 13 new sweet-scented collectible characters from six animal themes – Pandacorns, Flamingocorns, Llamacorns, Unicorns, Lioncorns, and Owlcorns The addition of a rare chaser Rainbocorn in the form of a golden Flamingocorn brings further excitement and collectability appeal.  

 Each Rainbocorn has a unique reversible sequin heart that reveals a magical surprise when swiped, we had a juicy watermelon. The heart can you removed and worn by you too or sharing with friends. 

Check out these mini sparkle heart, these are totally adorable. So each mini comes with a sparkly heart that you can peel to reveal a hidden surprise! Every heart shows what your Rainbocorn loves. We have a yummy pineapple. 

These soft and cuddly Rainbocorns come with all new colour changing Boo-Boocorns, just dip them in cold water and they transform before your eyes! Lexie has been using them as pencil toppers too. There’s also gooey Rainbocorn poop hiding in the egg that you can stretch and squeeze! 

Collect all 6 including Puppycorn, Kittycorn, Flamingocorn, Unicorn, Llamacorn and Bunnycorn.

Flamingocorn & Kittycorn 


Rainbocorns Series 2 RRP £ 24.99 and Sparkle Hearts RRP £9.99 are suitable for ages 3+ and are available from Smyths, The Entertainer, Argos, Asda, Tesco, B&M from July.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Follow Us A Day Out In Birmingham..

With Birmingham centre now being a huge place for food and shopping, it’s easy accessible from everywhere on a train. Why not stay overnight with hotels in Birmingham pick a hotel right by the train station too.  As Birmingham is our home town I thought we would do a day in the life of what we do when we decide to come in to the town centre.

Visit the biggest Primark which has 5 floors of shopping, cafes and beauty salons you could literally spend a whole day inside. 

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery has a collection of international importance covering fine art, ceramics, metalwork, jewellery, natural history, archaeology, ethnography, local history and industrial history. The museum/gallery is run by Birmingham Museums Trust, the largest independent museums trust in the United Kingdom, which also runs eight other museums around the city. It’s completely free and perfect for a low cost family morning to spend on hour or two looking around. Look out for different events going on inside too, as sometimes booking is required.

The Odeon cinema is normally our choice, when it comes to see the latest releases out on the big screen. The week was Toy Story 4, we absolutely loved it. It was worth the wait and like all Disney Pixar films. I just absolutely love everyone. Adult and children tickets are £5 everyday, even on weekends. So it’s definitely a within budget activity for us all to do. 

If you follow me on Instagram you know I’m currently trying to loose weight and I’m following slimming world. So Nando’s is normally my go to place as I know I can stay on plan and get some delicious food. The children’s menu is £5.95 they get a choice of chicken breast, burger or wings ( plus veggie options)  then a choice of two sides with a drink. Which is actually a fantastic price when you are a family. There are a selection of 5 Nando’s all around the centre too.

Lush has recently moved and now is two floors. And if that wasn't exciting enough, the branch has its own spa! The new store also offers a variety of treatment services for shoppers - in the main store area and a separate spa area. We always pop in when we are in town and see what new bath bombs are in now, we got a little treat this weekend. 

* A collaboration,  the spending money was gifted by but all views are my own *

Friday, 21 June 2019

The Snow Queen The Old Rep Birmingham.

The Old Rep invites you, your friends and family to join them for a magical afternoon as they are joined by Birmingham Ormiston Academy (BOA) on Saturday 13th July in Victoria Square to launch their Christmas production of The Snow Queen from 11am onwards.


The event will feature a living Snow Globe, which is the only roaming, special effect filled Snow Globe act in the world. Enchanting and magical, see the Snow Queen in her globe as she enchants and mesmerises the public. Gliding gracefully in Victoria Square, she will create her special brand of magic with it, lasting memories. She encourages all those who gaze upon her to interact with her whether this be a glance, smile, a simple wave or a touch of her ivory hand through her beautiful globe. A simple press of the beckoning Red button by any curious spectator fills her world with a spectacular blizzard of snow.


Accompanied by beautiful music and illuminating lights, this truly unique event is one you and your family must not miss. This production also marks The Old Rep’s fifth anniversary of working with BOA on a seasonal Christmas production, past shows include Pinocchio, Alice In Wonderland, Wind In The Willows and Treasure Island.

The Snow Queen opens it’s doors at The Old Rep on Saturday 16th November through to Monday 30th December.


To book your tickets please visit  The Old Rep or contact Box Office team on 0121 359 9444 (lines open Mon – Fri, 10am – 5pm).

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Hatchimal Pixies Out This June From Spinmaster.

From the makers of one of the best selling toys Hatchimals.  Spinmaster have brought out a new fantastic range of Hatchimals. The new range of Pixies wave 1 are out this month. One day, new eggs suddenly appeared in Hatchtopia! Larger and more beautiful than any before, no one knew where they had come from or just who was inside. As the Hatchimals cared for the eggs, they began to take on unique properties, inspired by their different regions. Then, after 9 months of love and care, the new magical friends were finally ready to hatch ... and for the first time ever, the Hatchimals met the Pixies. 

There are 8 Hatchimals pixies to collect. Each pixie comes from 4 different regions Glittering Garden, Wishing Star Waterfall, Crystal Canyon, Polar Paradise. 

Polar Penelope

Wishing Star Willow

These huge shimmery eggs you open just like before, rub the purple magic heart until the heart turns pink then you press to open and just like magic the Pixie appears. 

They come with three super cool accessories and a pixie bed. Including a stand for the dolls for displaying. When your Pixie isn’t accessorising, store her accessories in the bottom of the egg and display her on the included Pixie bed

They have magical glittery wings that really flutter and poseable heads. Pixies are super stylish, with colourful sparkly hair and fabulous outfits inspired by their Hatchtopia Hangouts. 

RrP £7.99 Age 5+

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Disney On Ice - 100 Years of Magic..

Grab your Mickey ears and get ready for the ultimate Disney experience when Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic and skates into a city near you from this September. 

Be charmed by a cast of over 50 unforgettable Disney characters, with Mouse-ter of Ceremonies Mickey Mouse, the spirited Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and many of the Disney Princesses including Jasmine, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, Snow White and Tiana. Relive the magic of Disney’s Frozen with Anna, Elsa and the hilarious snowman Olaf as they discover that true love is the greatest magic of all. 


Sing-along to over 30 unforgettable songs including favourites like “Let It Go”, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”, and “Hakuna Matata”. Be thrilled by exciting moments from Disney’s The Lion King, Disney Pixar’s Toy Story, Finding Dory, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and more, leaving your whole family captivated with memories that will last them a lifetime! 

Book your tickets now! 

( Gifted tickets for this years show) 

Lucky Fortune Collectable Bracelets Review

Launched in the U.K this month! A new stylish collectable craze from the makers of Fingerlings, WowWee. Lucky Fortune Collectable Bracelets . 

Open the toy cookies to find a surprise bracelet inside, with a special charm and a paper fortune for good look. 

There are 100 different bracelets to collect with four different levels of rarity. Including an ultra rare real gold- dipped four leaf clover. Lexie managed to get this one is is over the moon getting the rare one. 

The fortune cookie doubles up as a keychain charm, which you can clip to bags, lunchboxes the list is endless. Wear the bracelet and luck on your sleeve, trade and swap with friends to collect them all. Even give the gift of luck to a friend who needs it the most. The more you have the luckier you feel. 

Lexie was really excited looking at all the different charms and which one she wants next ( unicorn ). Priced at £4.99 each they are perfect for a cheap afterschool treat.