Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Wild Cakes Plush Toy Review

Lexie absolutely loves a plush soft toy, a total sucker for anything that’s cuddly and new! 

We got gifted some Wild Cakes which is a combination of a squishy and a plush in one.

Wild Cakes start off as a squishy cake, there is twelve to collect and come in an array of some of your favourite cakes. Each one is differently scented and smell good enough to eat. 

Inside the cake is a reversible toy, open the Velcro and out Pops a cute and cuddly animal. You can roll up the cake part and hide it inside the cuddly toy, then fasten with the Velcro to hide it away. 

Twelve super cute cuddly animals, so there is animal for everyone to love and take home. 

Available from Claire’s, priced at £12 each. 

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