Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Bathroom Transformation

As you all know last year I moved from a flat to a house and I didn’t realise decorating took so much time. We finally had the bathroom finished just before Christmas and apart from a new shower that has to be fitted its actually done and dusted. 

The bathroom was actually the worse room out the lot and I cried a lot after I took the house on thinking I had made a mistake as I hated looking at it everyday. I nearly didn’t take the house because of the state of the bathroom so I’m glad now it’s looking much better.


I went online and found a tiler in my area which had the best google reviews. He turned out to be a total letdown and just kept delaying the job over and over and left me a week with it half done. Just shows that not everyone with good reviews is an honest and good person. I think he got bigger and better jobs and realised mine was such a small job and thought it was ok to let me down. 

The bathroom cost me way more than I expected in the long run but it’s now done and dusted and hopefully something I don’t have to think about for a while. 


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