Sunday, 17 February 2019

Get Cosy With Hunkemoller Kids Mini Me Collection.

Normally on the weekend you will find Lexie snuggling in a onesie, that’s her favourite place to be when she isn’t in her school uniform. So when Hunkemoller got in touch to let me know they have just launched a brand new Mini Me collection  for kids and teens. I knew Lexie would be thrilled to add a new onesie to her collection. 

Not only are the onesies cute, they also have matching slippers to complete the look.  Also if you love to match your mini me they do the exact same designs for adults too, so you can be snuggle bunnies together. 

The onesie came in absolutely gorgeous packaging. It felt a real treat opening it up. 


We choose the grey bunny design, it also comes in pink and a lighter grey. The long sleeves onesie is super soft with a fleece lining inside to keep you extra warm. A full zip to open and close which is perfect for little hands and going to and flo the toilet.

Comfy and cute with a large hood complete with bunny ears was a massive hit with Lexie. 


Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Bathroom Transformation

As you all know last year I moved from a flat to a house and I didn’t realise decorating took so much time. We finally had the bathroom finished just before Christmas and apart from a new shower that has to be fitted its actually done and dusted. 

The bathroom was actually the worse room out the lot and I cried a lot after I took the house on thinking I had made a mistake as I hated looking at it everyday. I nearly didn’t take the house because of the state of the bathroom so I’m glad now it’s looking much better.


I went online and found a tiler in my area which had the best google reviews. He turned out to be a total letdown and just kept delaying the job over and over and left me a week with it half done. Just shows that not everyone with good reviews is an honest and good person. I think he got bigger and better jobs and realised mine was such a small job and thought it was ok to let me down. 

The bathroom cost me way more than I expected in the long run but it’s now done and dusted and hopefully something I don’t have to think about for a while. 


Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Wild Cakes Plush Toy Review

Lexie absolutely loves a plush soft toy, a total sucker for anything that’s cuddly and new! 

We got gifted some Wild Cakes which is a combination of a squishy and a plush in one.

Wild Cakes start off as a squishy cake, there is twelve to collect and come in an array of some of your favourite cakes. Each one is differently scented and smell good enough to eat. 

Inside the cake is a reversible toy, open the Velcro and out Pops a cute and cuddly animal. You can roll up the cake part and hide it inside the cuddly toy, then fasten with the Velcro to hide it away. 

Twelve super cute cuddly animals, so there is animal for everyone to love and take home. 

Available from Claire’s, priced at £12 each.