Monday, 24 December 2018

Kawaii Box Christmas Special Review & Giveaway

We are huge fan’s of the Japan box and Kawaii boxes. Lexie was happy to receive the Christmas special box, filled to the brim with lots of lovely treats. The box comes with the Kawaii Box sign and a cute little cartoon rabbit on. We was really surprised to see 9 items included in the box and its a great assortment of different products. From snacks, plushes and accessories. 


If you aren't familiar with Kawaii Box  it is a monthly subscription box with 8-10 hand picked Kawaii items. Every month they send you a box filled with a carefully selected mix of unique Japanese and Korean Kawaii cute products. The cost is $19.90 with free shipping, which works out around £13.60 GBP. I actually think the price for this box is extremely cheap and free shipping is always a bonus as it comes all the way from Singapore. 

I’m going to start with Lexie’s favourite thing from the box which is the Alpaca multicoloured plush, she has a matching purse from a Kawaii bag so this was the first thing to grab her attention.

Lexie has her own mini pink tree in her bedroom so these 2 Kawaii smiling tree baubles that was made for the Kawaii Box look amazing on her tree.

This cute mermaid coin perfect is great for Lexie to keep her coins safe in when we go shopping.

Sanrio cleaning cloth is great for keeping items clean and shiny.

Ginbis Christmas shine choco corn snack. A sweet puffy snack, chocolate flavoured stars. I absolutely loved these and thought they was divine. 

The Candy cane pen was my favourite thing from the box, a lovely pastel pink and white. Doubles up as a tree decoration too. 

Nekoni Christmas stickers perfect for adding on to last minute Christmas gifts. 

Bourbon Tsum Tsum biscuits with white and milk chocolate biscuits inside, absolutely divine.

Pastel Harajuku ring set a collection of 7 lovely pastel rings perfect for dressing up any outfit. 

Click below to win a Kawaii box of your own.

The Trials and Tribulations of a Brummie Mummy Kawaii Box Giveaway

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