Sunday, 16 December 2018

Chad Valley Designafriend Holly Doll Review.

Lexie is quite partial to a fashion doll, she loves being able to dress, change outfits and add accessories. We was gifted the Designafriend Holly Doll and Lexie was so excited. 

The designafriend dolls are Chad Valley and made by ArgosThey have a large range of dolls and accessories so you can get creative with outfits. Endless hours of fun mixing and matching outfits. 

The doll comes in a beautiful box wrapped in tissue paper, gorgeously packaged. There is a whole range of dolls with different individual look and style. Holly has soft long silver hair, which I haven’t ever saw on a doll before. I love the natural look of the doll, no heavy make up. She looks like a normal girl doll, no added extras breasts and curves. I think sometimes dolls can get lost in all the added fancy extras that don’t need to be there.

She comes with satin blue shoes with a matching bag, denim skirt, long sleeved blue top. Holly also comes with a blue clip in bow which you can wear yourself as well. 

Each doll comes with a stunning bracelet for you to wear, plus each extra outfit comes with an unique charm that can be added to your DesignaFriend charm bracelet.

Whether you want to give your DesignaFriend new hair accessories or finish off the look with a fabulous pair of sunglasses – there's always something to give your outfit that extra wow. Accessories range from a simple underwear set to a whole collection of wooden furniture to complete your DesignaFriend world.

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