Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Pull My Finger Game From Jakks Pacific Review

Lexie has asked for a whole bunch of games on her Christmas list this year. We have the odd few games but normally the kids play them then after one use a piece goes missing. So we have been looking for easy games without millions of bits you need to play. 

Lexie hadn’t heard of Pull My Finger  as was shocked when we received it that it farts and it bum inflates. Even so she was really excited to play. So the game is literally what it stays on the box pull Mr Buster’s finger until he farts and the bum deflates. If you deflates Mr Buster’s bum you are the loser and you start again.

The game itself was easy to set up. You slot the monkey ( Mr Buster) in to the green base, attach the bum and the tail to the area then you are ready to play. 

Spin the wheel then you are ready to go. You get an extra bum inside the pack in case it pops when it’s fully inflated. 

Both kids thought the game was hilarious to play, and they even had a go to see how big the bum got before it deflated. 

The game itself is super easy to play, it kept the kids entertained.  The round of games are short which keep their attention. It’s a simple and great and amusing game for kids. If your children are obsessed with bums and farts it’s definitely the game for you. 

Suited for 2+ players aged 4 years+. 

RRP £19.99 

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