Monday, 29 October 2018

Japan Halloween Candy Box & Giveaway

Japan Halloween Candy Box & Giveaway 

We was delighted to be able to work with Japan Candy Box 
again. The kids loved the box last time and they enjoyed testing out the sweets. They was very excited to be tasting sweets from another country and this time Halloween editions. 

Japan Candy box is a subscription box which delivers between 8-10 Japanese candy and snacks every month for $19.90 . ( which works out just over £15 ). We was thrilled with the selection for this month and we all have our favourites. Some of the sweets and snacks you can make out by the pictures what they are but as the writing is in Japanese it's literally a surprise every time.

I love how you get a mixture of different items from baked snacks to hard & soft candy.  The packets are so bright, cheery and colourful and they beat hands down on design. The UK sweet packets are quite boring compared to these.

Lotte Toppo Halloween Cookie Sticks
This is a limited Halloween edition of Lotte’s Toppo cookie sticks. The crispy cookie sticks are filled with delicious milk chocolate. 

Koala's March Cookies Halloween Edition
This special Halloween edition of Koala’s March has special Halloween designs on both the box and the cookies!

Coris Mizuame DIY Flavor Change Candy
Mix the 3 different pouches of clear liquid candy to reveal a new mystery flavor! What flavor and color will come from mixing strawberry, soda and lemon.

Skeleton Ramune Candy
This coffin shaped box contains ramune flavored candies shaped like bones. They are like puzzle pieces which can be assembled into a human skeleton.

Halloween Sweet Candy
This is a traditional Japanese brown sugar treat that has been popular in Japan for generations. This version features a special Halloween packaging.

Halloween Umaibo Snack Stick
Umaibo or "delicious stick" are popular puffed corn snacks available in countless flavors. This special Halloween edition tastes like authentic Japanese corn potage soup.

Monster Stamp Candy
Lick these monster candies and use them as stamps or eat them just like normal candy. Each of them features different spooky icons.

Halloween Caramel Corn
Tohato has made these famous caramel corn treats since 1971. This special Halloween edition has pumpkin pudding flavor.

Marukawa Witch Mystery Gum
The witch is brewing mystery flavors. Can you guess what will come next? By combining all 5 flavors the taste disappears.


Marukawa Witch Color Change Gum
This cola flavored gum will change the color of your tongue to red or black when you chew it. Play some tricks with your friends.

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  1. The Halloween Umaibo Snack Stick sounds different! Would love to try it!

  2. The Skeleton Ramune Candy looks great, a plastic coffin, a puzzle and sweets!

  3. Pocky Almond Crush looks fun, it all looks good though

  4. I haven't tried japanese candy but I like the idea of the gooey diy flavour change stuff!

  5. I have not tried any of them but I would love to

  6. The diy flavour changing candy.

  7. The kit Kat! I love trying new flavours x

  8. Hmm spoilt for choice but the witch gum is one i want to try