Monday, 29 October 2018

Half Term Craft Fun With Paint Sticks.

Now we are fully swing in to half term, I’m always trying to find ways for the kids to let off there creative side. We a few things planned this week, I always worry about them not doing as much creative things at home. 

We got sent some lovely mess free Paint sticks and chalks to test and review from Little Brian Paint sticks offer mess free painting , no need for brushes or water. Plus you can use them on multiple surfaces. Plus they just wipe off leaving no marks or stains. You just twist the stick to use and the paint dries within 90 seconds. A fun, clean, simple and very convenient way to paint. 

Mini paint sticks come in a 12 or 24 pack and perfect for finer details. Perfect for an add on in a pencil case. They come in classic, metallic and fluorescent colours.

Paint sticks come in 12 or 24 pack with vibrant classic, metallic and fluorescent colours. Kids can create arty masterpieces with a range of techniques including, painting, scraping, stamping and dotting.


Paint sticks in chalk come in a pack of 20 dust and mess free., creamy smooth and vibrant colours. We decided to draw an LOL doll on Lexie’s window for her to colour. She absolutely loved it. 

Lexie has great fun with some of the range and they was definitely mess free and easy to easy. Perfect for rainy days inside. Prices start from £5.99. 

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