Monday, 24 September 2018

The Unicorn Room Reveal..

We have been quite lucky that when we moved in friends and family helped give 80% of the house a once over with paint and really there was only the bathroom which needed a total revamp and the living room which isn’t in to bad of shape at the moment.

So the kids came from sharing a yellow room and Lexie definitely needed to have her own sense of style, with her favourite thing of all Unicorns! Originally she was going to have unicorn paper but we thought pink and white walls would be so much easier is she ever wanted to change in a few years time. So we went with a unicorn border I picked up from eBay for £7.99 a roll. The room was a cold blue colour and really needed an update. 

All Lexie’s furniture and bed was from her old room, until she can look after her things a bit better. I decided as it wasn’t in bad shape at all, it would do for now until it needs replacing and just put some finishing touches to complete the room.

The heart lampshade is from Amazon, the unicorn canvas from B&M. The unicorn wall sticker from eBay with her name on. 

The units was originally from Ikea. The heart shelf was from a local selling page about 8 years ago which I had in my room for my perfumes years ago as I had an awful hot pink room. 

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