Saturday, 8 September 2018

Happy Cute Surprise Bag & Giveaway.

From the makers of Kawaii Box, have branched out with a new Happy Cute Shop  bag surprise and it is all about living up the cuteness! Surprise bags full to the brim with random cute items, that will sure to make you go awwww. 


The bags are shipped all the way from Singapore and retail at around £14.72, inside you get at least 15 items included inside. Making the items under £1 each. The retail value of the included products is approximately 45 USD!

The bag was perfect for Lexie she is a sucker for anything cute and fluffy and there is definitely a lot of fluffy packed inside.

First up was two purses included, Lexie adores the Llama one and it’s been one of the favourite things. The second purse is a stripy cute one with a face which has a keyring to attach to a bag or a pocket. 

Next is a variety of clip on items and keychains, which are great for back to school. You can attach to bags, coats and even pencil cases.

Next is a selection of hair accessories including some princess hair clips, Pom Pom hair bow some super cute M&M hair ties and a pink chocolate comb and mirror. 

Some Hello Kitty super fluffy socks, a bracelet making kit, a star bracelet a flip mirror, a four selection container ( think it’s a medication pill box). 

Please click below to win a surprise bag for yourself. Good Luck.

Trials & Tribulations Happy Cute Shop Giveaway

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