Friday, 17 August 2018

Schleich Bayala Unicorn Range Review

We was super excited to receive some new items from the Schleich Bayala unicorn range

We are a massive fan of Schleich figures and have had many in the past including animals, knights and DC comic figures, they are a little bit more expensive but the quality and paintwork is amazing. Plus they are durable they last for years and years.  I personally don’t think you can get a better quality figures out on the market than Schleich. 

Lexie is a fan of anything magical and mysterious and unicorns are one of her favourites. We received Unicorn Mare and a decorated Pegasus Stallion and they are both new in the Bayala range. Schleich has expanded its magical Bayala world of elves to include additional figures and super cute playsets with add more fun while playing.

Little fantasy fans can explore the fairytale world and let their imagination run free by playing with the magical creatures including the beautiful new unicorns. In this range there are Mermaids, elves, fairy’s and unicorns. 

The two figures we received are quite large, definitely a lot bigger than the animal ones we have bought in the past. The details on them are absolutely amazing, we loved the extra glitter and gems that make them sparkle. 

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