Monday, 13 August 2018

Disney Puppy Dog Pals Toy Collection Review.

We were sent some of the brand new range of #PuppyDogPalsToys to celebrate the Twitter Party with  Don't forget to join us on Twitter on 15th August at 1pm for fun and games with the Puppy Dog Pals for the chance to win some fantastic prizes. 

Puppy Dog Pals is a television show on Disney Junior that follows the adventure of two Pugs called Rolly and Bingo. Lexie loves the show, so was super excited when we got a box with some of the new range included. 

Light Up Pals on a mission Figure and Accessory sets with four different ones to collect. ( Rolly, A.R.F, Hissy & Bingo) They each come with a removable kid powered spinning simplifier and light-up feature. Lexie really loves the light up feature and has been using Hissy as a torch when it’s dark. 

RRP £9.99 

Surprise Action Figures, there is two to collect ( Bingo & Rolly) We received Bingo the pug. Press the button on his back to hear him talk and walk. He says 10 sounds and phrases from the Puppy Dog Pals snow. 

RRP- £14.99 

Pet and Talk Plush Pals, Two to collect ( Bingo & Rolly). Lexie received the Bingo soft plush. Press the button on their back to activate the fun bobbing head movement and hear over 10 sounds and phrases from the hit TV show!

RRP - £9.99

This is just a few selected items from the range there is also play sets and figures to collect too. Perfect for Puppy Dog Pal fans. 

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