Thursday, 21 June 2018

Twisty Petz From Spinmaster

The new craze has hit stores from Spinmaster  with an adorable pet collectible. Twisty Petz are available in single packs, 3 packs and even Twisty Petz babies, with over 70 to collect you are sure to find a pet for life.

Not only do the Twisty Petz be a great toy they also double up as a stunning gem bracelet, necklace or accessory with a simple twist.

The Twisty Petz are rally simple to attach and reattach. Lexie is 7 and been able to twist and make all on her own. 

You start off with it full in a straight line.

Then you pull and hold the two beads down, while you twist and wrap it around the bottom of the round bead. Wrap twice.

Then you do the same on the back legs and twist around the round bead again and there you have your new animal friend.

If you want go attach together and make a bracelet or necklace you simply, click the a tail end in to the head and attach. They’re the perfect accessories for any outfit or to hang on backpacks. 

TwistyPetz come in a variety of different collections – enchanted gems, metallic, rainbow, golden twinkle, silver shimmer, fuzzy, neon, pastel and pearl. 

They come in an section of pets from Unicorns, puppies, kittens and pandas in a variety colours. They also come with charms and gem cases. 

You can download the Twisty petz collection sheets from the Twisty Petz website. Which is your favourite? 

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