Monday, 4 June 2018

Swimways SquiDivers Diving Toys Review

Raiden has wanted some diving swim toys for a while and it’s something that has been on my to do list for a while. Swimways came to our rescue and sent us some SquiDivers from their range. 

The SquiDivers come in a pack of three brightly coloured toys, yellow green & orange. They also come in different weights 10, 10 & 30. As the weather was quite shocking in half term we took them down the our local swimming baths to check them out. 

The SquiDivers are shaped as mini Squid with soft and flexible tentacles that float upright so they are easy to grab. They actually look like the are swimming when you thrown them in the the water and the shoot to the bottom, the kids found them very amusing to watch. 

The kids absolutely had so much fun in the pool, throwing them and retrieving them over and over again throwing them in and timing each other on who could collect them all the fastest. 

Sadly i couldn’t take any pictures of them playing inside the pool for a few different reasons. 

Available from Amazon.

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