Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Pretend Play Is So Much Fun With Casdon.

Casdon  has been renowned for toy innovation for over 65 years and has an unrivalled reputation as a developer of toy replicas, with some of the most prestigious domestic appliance products on the market.


Lexie was sent a couple of Casdon items to review. She loves to play pretend and role play. She has a huge thing with baby dolls at the moment. So after school we build the first item the shopping trolley. The trolley is a small replica of a supermarket trolley, ready for a pretend trip to the shops.

The trolley it’s self was a little fiddly to put together, the base itself was great but the wheels did need a good bang when putting them on. I was a little worried about banging them too hard as I didn’t want to break the actual frame. The stickers was a great touch and Lexie liked to stick them on. The bright and colourful trolley has a chunky handle to hold and a wide wheel base for added stability. It also had a trolley key for added effect too.

Lexie loves the shopping trolley and has been taking Baby Emma for a spin!

Casdon does a fantastic 44 piece play food set which contains an assortment of fruit and veg, includes play tins and fast food. Perfect for the shopping trolley and role-play. The set is perfect for an addition for your role play shopping trip. 

The last item was a mini Henry Mop & Bucket set, which comes in Hetty and in pink too. The super friendly character that helps development of hand and eye co-ordination. Perfect accessory to role play and pretend that they are doing jobs around the house just like Mommy or Daddy.

For ages 3+ 

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