Sunday, 24 June 2018

New House - The Boy Cave Revamp!

We moved back in March from a 2 bedroom flat to a 3 bedroom house. The kids used to share a room and it was utter chaos. Raiden used to constantly be in my room, as they just never got on. They couldn’t be in the same room together without getting on each other’s nerves.

The kids have picked there own colours for their rooms, Raiden had the smallest room due to him having the less amount of stuff. He doesn’t really play with toys as such so he didn’t really need a huge amount of space. The room when we moved in was a lavender purple and cream and really had to go. 

He picked the colour “ Jellybean “ from Homebase, it’s really bright once on. Along with a plain white on the other walls. 

He needed new furniture, as the old stuff was mainly Lexie’s. The Argos ottoman bed is great for storage underneath. He has computer consoles, games, books and Lego underneath all safely away. He decided he wanted black furniture so the leather look headboard goes well in his room. The cute pug cushion is from Asda Home Collection. 

The bedside table and desk was from Argos and came together as a set and personally I think it adds too much in to his room. I previously had already ordered the small circle drawers, which I was going to add his lamp on and use as a bedside table. I think I may take out these and add to the bathroom at a later date.

He has a few shelves that he has added his Funko collection on to, with a few shelf dividers. He could do with another one just to space them all about a bit more.

The curtains, lampshade and duvet cover was all from Argos colour match range in 
“ Poppy Red “. 

We have added a few home touches with a lava lamp, moneyboxes and his cute cactus from Homebase and the pots are from H&M.

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