Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Zoomer Zupps Pretty Ponies Review

So if you watch any of the children’s channels you would have seen the advert for Zoomer Zupps Pretty Ponies being advertised. Lexie on more than on occasion has said she has wanted one. Anything that involves ponies or unicorns she is sold. 

So we got Dixie in the post, which is one of 6 in the range from Spinmaster. There is a selection of colours and patterns an all have different names. “ Nova, Lilac, Sugar, Electra and Star”. 

Inside the box is a Zoomer Pretty Pony, comb and a collectible card. So you can learn all about your new friend’s personality from the card. 

So Lexie was so excited when Dixie arrived for her to play with. When you pat or press the ponies head, the eyes light up and she will make pony sounds, sing and even a secret trick. Lexie loves how this reacts to her touch. If you touch the head and nose at the same time they will do a little trick.


The detail on the pony is really unique and they all, have unique styles. Lexie loves to comb and plait her hair. 

The more you play with your Zoomer Zupps Pretty Ponies, the happier they’ll become and she is always happy to see you. They are the perfect size for out and about and Dixie has already been on a few adventures. Batteries are included and it is for children 4+ years. 

Priced from £10-£15 

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