Monday, 9 April 2018

Squishy Kiosk Review & Giveaway

So the latest craze with the kids is one I’m very surprised about is squishies. These remind me of stress balls, obviously they come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes. Rather than just a round ball. Kawaii/Japan Box have opened a new store just dedicated to squishes, there Range is so huge now that they had to have there own store called Squishy Kiosk.

We got sent a selection of squishies, I hadn’t told Lexie that they was coming and she had been asking for a while for them. She was so happy when she opened the box and saw them. Keeping with the Kawaii theme, they was all adorable and super soft. 

The first was a good size squishy charm that is in the shape of a unicorn. The handy strap helps you attach to a bag, a zipper or anything you would like it to hang from. 

The second squishy was a pink chubby man in a cute outfit. Now this was a pretty big size and apparently he is cooler as he is slow release squishy. Which means he takes longer to get back in to his shape. Now Raiden wants the blue one of these, as it was his favourite one.

The last squishy was definitely my favourite out of the lot a galaxy themed sheep  with an array of lovely colours. This one was quite big in size too. 

All the squishes was of a good quality and nothing like the cheap smelling ones that are around at the moment. They was a lot softer and seem to have kept there shape and not started to split. There is no heavy plastic smell at all and all came in good sizes.


I have a giveaway to win a box of squishes. click on the link below and enter. 

Trials & Tribulations Of A Brummie Mummy Squishy Kiosk Giveaway

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