Sunday, 22 April 2018

Ravensburger 3D Union Jack Sneaker Puzzle Review

We have had a few Ravensburger 3D puzzles, the ball/dome type ones and Minions. Raiden loves Puzzles and he is always keen to add another to his collection. 

The 3D Union Jack Sneaker Puzzle comes with 108 (numbered) plastic puzzle pieces, each puzzle is numbered so you know which one is to be added next. It also comes with a few other supporting pieces to start you off. You build the puzzle up around the surrounds, with the numbers and you just go around in a little pattern. The pieces are a sturdy plastic and keep in place when build so you don’t need any glue. 

The puzzle is recommended for children aged 8 and above,  Raiden did this in around 15 minutes on his own. The finshed product doubles up as a fantastic pot after to display pens, or any items on a desk. 

This product range comes in different designs and is priced at £14.99

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