Thursday, 5 April 2018

Disney On Ice Review.

The weekend we headed out to Disney On Ice at The Genting Area, it definitely started off the Easter holidays with a bang. We previously have been to Disney on Ice a few times and totally loved every second. 

This year there was four different sections telling four different stories including 

The Little Mermaid
Toy story 3.

All of them are top favourites, we all love Toy story 3. I loved Barbie and Ken they had wonderful chemistry skating together. I loved how all the characters was super sized including slinky dog. Lotso looked amazing, we did wonder if he smelt of strawberries though. 

Raiden loved Cars when he was younger, we actually had to replace the dvd. I think Cars was a refreshing change to see and the Cars on the ice looked like actually Cars. I’m sure they was but they must of been lighter and adapted for the Ice. We loved the little story that went with this but we would of loved to of seen more of Lighting McQueen.

My favourite of all was The Little Mermaid. It’s my favourite Disney movie of all time, l just absolutely love everything about it. The skating was fantastic, we loved little flounder floating about it. I would of loved to have seen the pink dress thrown in there with an outfit change. I think that would of just topped it off for me. I loved all the colours with all the different fish it was amazing.


Frozen was the last part and they did put out the stops with the snow and different effects while telling the story. Lexie loves Frozen and it was amazing waiting all the children around singing along with the snow. 

The attention to detail on the costumes was amazing, it’s definitely a show that you could go back and see different things that the time before. There is so much going on that you are glued to your seat. From the bubbles, snow and fireworks giving it the 4D effect. I’m always blown away with the fantastic skating and how so well it works together. 

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