Saturday, 10 March 2018

Glimmies Aquaria GlimSplash Review.

Lexie isn’t a stranger to Glimmies, she had some fairy ones last year and she was super fascinated with the light up feature. Flair have extended the range with releasing the Glimmies Aquaria GlimSplash with a new design. 

Who are the Glimmies:

Light-up your world with Glimmies! Discover Glimmies Aquaria, the super cute magical creatures living in Aquaria, an underwater village in Glimmies world! 

These little marine fairies are water activated and only light up in their natural environment. Immerse them into water and watch them magically light up! Take them out of the water and they will hide their light! 

Lexie has been super fascinated with her new Glimmies, not only are they all mermaid/fish designs they are actived when placed in under water. 

There are 17 different Glimmies to collect and the Aquaria GlimSplash is a great little place a magical underwater world. You can collect Glimmies in single packs and the Aquaria GlimSplash comes with one Glimmie inside. 

Glimmies Aquaria Single Pack – RRP £4.99

Glimmies Aquaria GlimSplash – RRP £19.99

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