Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Easy As 1, 2, 3 With One 4 All Gift Card..

I was set a challenge by One4all  before Christmas see my previous post here and here  on what the challenge was and how I spent the One4all card. 

I’ve never really had a prepaid gift card before that I could use online and in stores so easy. 

Using the card online was really easy once I figured out you just add it in to the credit card section like you would your bank card. It’s really easy to do, plus you can check your balance on the One4all site at anytime. 

I managed to use the card in a few shops in town, after looking on the site which shops I could use it in. It was really easy just literally just swipe and sign. Again you can check the balance as you are going along. 

I definitely like the flexibility of the card of using it online and in stores. It’s much easier than carrying cash around with you. I really despise having to carry cash around with me. 

A big thumbs up from me and it’s definitely something that I will think about in future on purchasing, it’s just so quick and easy for your shopping needs. 

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