Friday, 26 January 2018

Beurer FT-90 Non-Contact Clinical Thermometer Review

I hate it when the children are poorly, not only do you have to keep on eye on their temperatures every few hours. You also have to keep an eye on medication and any symptoms that’s arise. I always find its time to take their temperature when they are having a little nap. I’ve tried the under arm, ear and head thermometer and they all can be very fiddly when you have an unwell child. 

I was very interested when we received the Beurer Non-Contact Thermometer From Maplin to try out. 

So the thermometer was very simple and very easy to use. It comes with batteries included inside. It measures the temperature without any skin contact at all. You press scan and you will hear a beep and aim it a few inches from the forehead, you hear another beep then the temperature appears on the front. You can read the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. It has a fever alarm, alongside a happy or sad face telling you if the temperature is correct or not. 

The thermometer comes in a plastic carrycase for on the go.

Perfect to use for babies right up to adults. 

RRP £49.99 but is on sale at £44.99.

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