Monday, 6 November 2017

National Pet Show NEC Birmingham

Yesterday we was invited to the National Pet Show at the NEC and we all had an amazing time. The kids loved being able to see and touch lots of different animals. 

The National Pet Show is on a mission to rehome as many animals as possible over the weekend of the show on 4-5th November.

Britain is home to more than 16 million pet dogs and cats*. But every year, some 250,000 domestic animals* find themselves abandoned to the care of rescue centres.
The brand new ‘Clear the Shelter’ feature is welcoming three charities to participate in this visitor attraction, the Blue Cross, French Bulldog Saviours and the Birmingham Dogs Home. All three charities will have profiles of the pets available for adoption and additional information on how to adopt or foster animals in need. Join us in the challenge to clear these rescues and find as many forever homes as possible.
Other charities offering re-homing at the National Pet Show include the Retired Greyhound Trust, Jodie’s Cyprus Dog Rehoming, Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home and Reach Sled Dog Rehoming.

The kids loved the Fluval & Exo Terra Animal Zone And we stayed for the scary, scales & fangs talk with TV presenter and Biologist Dr Mike Leahy. Raiden loved getting close and personal to all the animals. 

SuperDogs Live is a fantastic live show celebrating the nation’s love of dogs. Taking place in the SuperTheatre twice a day, the show is hosted by special guest TV presenter Michaela Strachan. The star-studded show features a spectacular opening by Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) 2016 finalists Lucy Heath and Trip Hazard to Mission Impossible. Plus, don’t miss the other brilliant dog dancing acts too and some amazing Guinness World Record holders. Rachael Grylls and Jack Russell Jessica will be demonstrating their recent Guinness World Record for the ‘Most Skips by A Dog And Person In a Minute” and Hagrid the Leonberger for “Most Items Caught By A Dog In 30 Seconds”. We are also delighted to welcome Adem Basharan and his famous Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Ziggy Trixx, to entertain you in SuperDogs Live this year!

There was lots of different stations with animals to see, including dogs, minutes horses, donkeys, alpacas, budgies, parrots, birds of prey. Mini beasts, hens, reptiles and aquatics. 

There was so much to see and do at the show, the stalls had a bit of something for everyone. There wasn’t much for guinea pigs that we saw. We loved the Haypigs stall which had colouring and three lovely guinea pigs that was showing off the products. We we move and get our two a bigger cage. I’m definitely going to purchase the hay rack and tent beds, they was so cute. 

There as also a secret rabbit garden, we would of loved to be able to have a little hold of the rabbits but it was lovely seeing them running up and down the pipes. The Runaround Secret Rabbit Garden returns to the Burgess Small Furries zone once again this year, with even more activities for the rabbits to enjoy than ever. This 'little haven of paradise for rabbits' features everything rabbits naturally enjoy including a mound with tunnels and entrances and exits for running in and out of, as well as hollow logs with peep holes. The aim of the feature, designed and built by rabbit run specialist Runaround, is to inspire rabbit owners and potential new owners alike about the type of enrichment rabbits love and which will help give them a happy and healthy life.

We  also purchased a walking balloon, a Kangaroo and a Pug.

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