Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Out To Impress Colour Your Own Honey Bee Bear Review

Lexie has been asking for a washing colouring teddy for ages, we have had the pillow and bags before but never our own bear. I actually picked this up in The Entertainer a few months back when we was out shopping as I knew It would be something Lexie would love and I added it on to her Christmas list. So I was really happy when it came up with a chance to review.    

In the box is a washable teddy and 4 colouring pens. I wish you got a few more colours in with the pack instead of the standard three. Lexie has used normal washable felt tips on Honey Bee and they have washed out fine too. 

So bring a splash of colour to Honey bee and colour, make patterns and use the colours to make Honey bee as colourful as you can. This has kept Lexie entertained for hours on end. She loved colouring in all the little patterns at first in different colours, then washing Honey Bee then starting all over again. 

I’ve popped Honey Bee on a normal wash with a touch of powder as she has come out as good as new every time. 

Ages 5+

RRP £20 but is currently has £10 off. 

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