Monday, 23 October 2017

Hatchimals Colleggtibles - The Hatchery Nursery Review

Last year I was one of the parents that’s struggled to get the number 1 top toy the exclusive Hatchimal. It took me 8 weeks but I managed to get one and it made my daughters Christmas. Spinmaster extended the range this year with the Hatchimals Colleggtibles and they have been a huge hit. They are like egg blind bags with exclusive and rare animals Inside. Lexie has a few and I know they are on her Christmas list, along with The Hatchery Nursery. She literally did think it was Christmas when she walked in from school to find the Hatchery Nursery waiting for her. 

After searching for all her Hatchimals Colleggtibles, we started working on the egg that was inside the nursery. To reveal what is inside normally you rub on the heart until it changes colour and then remove the shell to reveal what is inside. The Hatchery Nursery helps open the egg for you, so there is no need to rub the egg.

 Inside the pink flower in the trunk of the tree lays the egg, crank the yellow handle and the egg with move up until it cracks and reveals your new Hatchimal pet. 

The playset is very strong and durable and isn’t flimsy plastic. There are 35 spaces to fill and it’s a great way to display and play with your new Hatchimal pets. 

With a push on the swings or down on the slide there is so much fun to be had with the playset. Lexie has really enjoyed playing with her pets and finding things to do with them in the Hatchimal Nursery. 

Of you are buying the playset I would suggest to buy some other Hatchimal Colleggtibles as you only get one inside the set. You definitely need more than one to play with as there is so much to do. 

RRP £29.99

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