Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Mazuri Kids Haircare Range Review

Keep your little one's locks wonderfully strong and healthy with the Mazuri Original Kids Haircare Range. Developed by mums for kids, the Mazuri kids range contains 8 products, all made with natural olive oil, coconut and honey, offering a gentle hair care solution for children aged 6 and above.

Lexie has quite thick curly hair and it's a battle every morning to get it brushed and tied up for school. She hates the whole hair brushing and we have to use a ton of detangling spray to get it all knot free. 

We got sent 2/8 products from the Mazuri Kids Haircare range to give a whirl in Lexie's hair.

Kids snookums 3 in 1 spray detangler - A blend of hydrating olive oil, honey and aloe vera extracts work inside the product to restore strength and seal in the hairs natural moisture. Eases combing, made with cranberry, avocado and olive oil. It can be used daily as a conditioner, detangler or scalp treatment. 

I have used quite a few different detanglers, prices from £1-10 for Lexie's hair and this one comes in at £2.97. After about a week and a half of use, I can say along with the conditioning oil moisturizer it's made a huge difference. Looking at the ingredients I think the olive oil is helping a lot with the tangle free and the brush is literally gliding though her hair. It also smells pretty amazing too. 

Kids buttercup conditioning oil moisturizer - Replenishes lost moisture, strengthens and leaves hair soft, shiny and manageable. Perfect for quick styling on dry hair. Made with shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil. Suitable for all hair types. 

So I made the mistake of using this as a wet conditioner ( I really need to read the instructions whoops) I don't generally leave conditioners in Lexie's hair as I found the build up just causes more tangles and it makes her hair so dull. So I've been just adding a small blob on to the ends of her hair about an hour before bed, brushing it though and leaving to work its magic. 

Other products in the range are Shampoosie Moisturizing Detangling Shampoo, Muffin Hair Mayonnaise Treatment, Sweetie Pie Softening Detangling Conditioner, Cutie Patootie Styling Gel, Precious Ponytail Hair Pudding and Boogabear Hair and Scalp Grow Balm. 

The entire Mazuri Kids Haircare Range is available from Morrisons and Tesco stores 
nationwide and online at www.morrisons.com, www.tesco.com and www.paks.com 

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