Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Wobbly Worm Game From Spinmaster Review

As we are full swing in the Summer holiday's it's sometimes so hard to keep the kids entertained or to break away from games and the internet. The kids really aren't interested in games that have a lot of pieces or take ages to set up. We always go for a simple but fun game.

We was excited to review the Wobbly Worm game from Spinmaster.  Inside the box is the base, worm poles that you attach to the base and the head. It's really easy to set up, the instructions was really easy to follow. The only problem is that the screw in back for the batteries is really long and we had to go buy a thin screwdriver so we could put the C batteries in ( not included) 

The game is really simple but so much fun, after popping the batteries in and piecing together the worn, you press the worm and be wiggles around. 

You have to throw the different size and coloured hoops over him. It actually a lot harder than it looks. 

The worn comes in four segments so you can make him longer or shorter, which is great for little ones. 

RRP - £19.99 

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