Saturday, 12 August 2017

Dissapointing Day At Hatton Adventure World...

I'm going to start with I remember going the Hatton with my sister when I was small, it's changed so much since then, but the Guinea pig village is legendary. We went last summer with the kids and they had a blast so I was excited when this trip come up with Autism West Midlands. 

So this week was the first trip out with Autism West Midlands, I was really excited as I thought finally somewhere that with cater for my son. This will run smoothly without any hiccups, everything on the website will be good as gold and there will be no change in plans...
ERM No that wasn't the case!!! 

Prior to our trip we had planned the actives via the map on the website. Coping with Autism means we have to plan and go over the days activities a few times before the actual day so everything runs smoothly. A change of plan or routine can really throw my son out making him extremely upset. ( I thought AWM would have this in the bag) 

So on arriving in the rain it was spot the purple hoody, given the Hatton leaflets and our bands and we was off to go as you please to explore at your own pace. As we went though the doors, we was told to pick up our animal food in the farm and that was it. 

I thought.. Yes no changes, everything is as it should. As we are walking around the park we noticed quite a chunk of the park is closed.. 

The maze field wasn't open 
The pea/bean picking wasn't open ( says on website thought summer holidays) 
The bouncy area wasn't open.
The rides wasn't open
None of the refreshments outside was open.
No pony rides.

Understandable there was rain in morning, but the rain stopped at 11 and the sun came out and still nothing was opened at all. Most of the day was spent trudging up to the desk and asking if certain things was going to be open or not. We left early due to Raiden getting agitated as the things he wanted to do wasn't open. Considering it was an Autism group and minimum disruption, should of been the case. it certainly wasn't..

We made the best of the day and both the kids enjoyed meeting the Guinea pigs, snakes, hedgehogs, the new baby piglets and Peter Rabbit. I'm just sad that it didn't run smoothly as it should of. 

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