Friday, 25 August 2017

The Rocket Singing Machine From Character Options

Lexie is a YouTube addict and we found she was constantly asking to play this song or that song, so we ended up making her own playlist with her favourite songs on to listen.

She has asked for a microphone again and actually got a frozen one for Christmas with the stand it didn't last long as it was always falling over or So I was really excited when the Rocket Singing Machine was on its way, as it's completely wireless and stand less. 

While singing along to their favourite songs children can amplify their voice and have fun playing with the echo and volume effects. On connecting via Bluetooth any music can be played through the speakers including thousands of free songs from the available apps, meaning they always have the perfect backing track to perfect their performance too. Feel and sing like a pop star in your own living room. Lexie has had so much fun dancing an designing go her playlist. 

You can also have great fun connecting the Rocket Singing Machine to Apple’s Siri and ask it questions from up to 10 meters away. 

The Rocket Singing Machine requires three AAA batteries to work. 

The Rocket Wireless Singing Machine is looking for a star.  If you have a child that you think could be a star simply send us their best singing video to the Rocket Star Competition

RRP -29.99

Ages 6+ 

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Spider Catcher From Brainstorm Review

So if you haven't saw on social media this week that the house spiders are bigger than normal and already hiding away in our homes. 

About a month ago, I was plugging my iPad in to charge when I noticed something out the corner of my eye running along the floor. Initially I thought the hamster has escaped again, as he is a little escape artist. When I turned around this huge spider was just still staring at me. Normally I get a glass and deposit them back outside, but this spider wouldn't of fitted in any of our glasses. He disappeared so I decided to sleep on the sofa that night and he wasn't found until two days later when I was tiding up the shoe rack.

I couldn't wait to put my name down for the spider catcher as this would of been the ideal time to have one. Plus you never know when the pesky spiders are going to surprise you. It also catches moths, butterflies, crane flies and anything you have intruding the home. You simply take the lid off, pull on the handle which opens the bristles, once you have caught the spider you release off the handle. 

This then catches the spider safely without harming them ready to release them back outside. 

It has a long handle to reach in corners and ceilings, it also comes with a hook you can attach to the back of the door for safe keeping.

RRP -£9.99 and also comes in pink. 

Monday, 14 August 2017

Igloo Mania Game Review

With the Summer holidays in full swing, it's so hard to try and entertain the kids 24/7. With the weather being dreadful we was really excited to receive the Igloo Mania Game from Brainstorm Toys. The game is for 2-4 players and it's really simple to play. 

You start off with assembling the igloo and putting the number stickers on the ice blocks, the numbers are inside the ice blocks so it's easy to do. 

Once all the stickers are on the blocks, you build the ice blocks in number order going around the igloo. 

Then you place Esimoko Parker Pete on the top and slide out the built up igloo from the plastic one. As it's all built it stays together fully formed. 

Each person has a different colour penguin picker an sthe object of the game is to each pick an ice block and pull them out without making Parker Pete come tumbling down. 

Initially the game takes longer to set up than to play we have noticed. The pieces also have to line up with the igloo as if you don't, when you try and slide it off the base they will just fall.   

RRP  -19.99

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Parklives Launches Bear Themed Activity Sessions In Birmingham

If you go down to the park today you’re sure of a big surprise as ParkLives Birmingham teams up with The Big Sleuth - a bear-themed art project - to bring fun, free, family activities to Birmingham parks.

The Big Sleuth project is a public art trail that displays 100 sculptures of endangered sun bears, each customised by a different artist. The bear sculptures can be seen across the West Midlands, from the centre of Birmingham to Solihull, Dudley and Sutton Coldfield.

To celebrate the launch of The Big Sleuth project, ParkLives is offering free walking and cycle trails to see the bears, which include:

Guided cycle ride: a gentle family trail to Sandwell Valley Park to find ‘Big Sleuth’ bears – Perry Hall Park, Saturdays until 16th September.

Orienteering trail: a fun, family-friendly challenge to figure out clues to find ‘Big Sleuth’ bears – Handsworth Park, Sundays until 17th September; and Perry Hall Park, Saturdays until 16th September.

Big Sleuth walk: a leisurely guided walk followed by a teddy bear’s picnic – Sutton Park, 9th and 23rd August.

Yogi Bear sessions: lively yoga-dance for all ages – Eastside Park, 17th and 24th August. 
Now in its fourth year in Birmingham, ParkLives runs in 10 cities nationwide and is part of a £20 million commitment by Coca-Cola Great Britain to invest in community-based programmes. Activities are delivered in conjunction with Birmingham City Council, and are designed to bring friends and families together to have fun in their local parks.

Gaynor Roberts, ParkLives programme manager at Birmingham City Council, said: “The Big Sleuth sculptures are creating a real stir in Birmingham, bringing so much colour and variety to our city. The new bear-themed ParkLives sessions will be a really fun way for families to visit and admire the bear sculptures while also making the most of their local park.” 

Liz Lowe, ParkLives lead at Coca-Cola Great Britain, said: “ParkLives activities are designed to give families and friends a great excuse to get out and explore the fantastic green spaces we have right on our doorsteps.

“The bear theme of our new sessions makes them extra-exciting for families with children. But whether you’re into cycling, walking or simply enjoying a picnic in the great outdoors, there’s something for everyone.”

Visit to reserve your free place on one of the Big Sleuth orienteering trails or other activities. Alternatively, you can also find out what’s on near you using The Big Sleuth app, which you can download on the App Store or Google Play for £1.99.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Dissapointing Day At Hatton Adventure World...

I'm going to start with I remember going the Hatton with my sister when I was small, it's changed so much since then, but the Guinea pig village is legendary. We went last summer with the kids and they had a blast so I was excited when this trip come up with Autism West Midlands. 

So this week was the first trip out with Autism West Midlands, I was really excited as I thought finally somewhere that with cater for my son. This will run smoothly without any hiccups, everything on the website will be good as gold and there will be no change in plans...
ERM No that wasn't the case!!! 

Prior to our trip we had planned the actives via the map on the website. Coping with Autism means we have to plan and go over the days activities a few times before the actual day so everything runs smoothly. A change of plan or routine can really throw my son out making him extremely upset. ( I thought AWM would have this in the bag) 

So on arriving in the rain it was spot the purple hoody, given the Hatton leaflets and our bands and we was off to go as you please to explore at your own pace. As we went though the doors, we was told to pick up our animal food in the farm and that was it. 

I thought.. Yes no changes, everything is as it should. As we are walking around the park we noticed quite a chunk of the park is closed.. 

The maze field wasn't open 
The pea/bean picking wasn't open ( says on website thought summer holidays) 
The bouncy area wasn't open.
The rides wasn't open
None of the refreshments outside was open.
No pony rides.

Understandable there was rain in morning, but the rain stopped at 11 and the sun came out and still nothing was opened at all. Most of the day was spent trudging up to the desk and asking if certain things was going to be open or not. We left early due to Raiden getting agitated as the things he wanted to do wasn't open. Considering it was an Autism group and minimum disruption, should of been the case. it certainly wasn't..

We made the best of the day and both the kids enjoyed meeting the Guinea pigs, snakes, hedgehogs, the new baby piglets and Peter Rabbit. I'm just sad that it didn't run smoothly as it should of. 

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Suitcase Holiday Essentials

With the Summer holidays now in full swing. If you are going away this Summer, I have the perfect Essentials you need to pack in your suitcase for smooth sailing. 

Dodgy tum? If you’ve eaten something you shouldn’t have, try Hübner’s Silicea Gastro Intestinal Gel. Designed to help soothe the symptoms of diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting, silica gel helps to bind pathogens and reduce flatulence. It can also be used for more chronic conditions including IBS. Available in convenient 15ml sachets that do not need refrigerating, Hübner’s Silicea Gastro Intestinal Gel Direct costs £12.95 for 15 x 15ml sachets and is available from

Stay safe in the sun! At £4 for 200ml, Altruist Dermatologist Sunscreen affords effective sun protection at an affordable price. Developed by skin cancer specialist Dr Andrew Birnie, it uses some of the most sophisticated filters available including micronised titanium dioxide and Tinosorb A2B. It is also highly photo-stable, which means its UV filters do not degrade easily in the sun and is suitable for sensitive skins. It feels great on, its non-sticky formula means it absorbs quickly and being water-resistant, it stays put. Altruist is available exclusively from

Forever getting bitten? Mozzies and biting insects are guaranteed to put a dampener on things when you’re outside, what with their dive-bombing and blood-sucking antics. So whether you’re back-packing through South America, chilling in your back garden or camping out at a festival, make sure you’re armed with Zap-It! A small handheld piezo device, it generates a harmless (no stronger than a gentle pinch) low, electrical impulse when ‘clicked’ against a bite. These ‘zaps’, created by crystals, work to reduce histamine flow and stimulate capillaries into flushing out toxins, thereby stopping the urge to itch and scratch. Zap-It! can be used on up to 1,000 bites (that would be unlucky) and is available in different colours from selected health stores, pharmacies, garden centres, Asda, Lloyds Pharmacy and Superdrug, and retails from £5.95.

A little potion for the motion! If you suffer from motion sickness when you travel, try a little ginger before you set sail. Working mainly in the digestive tract, ginger helps to boost digestive fluids and neutralise acids, making it an effective alternative to anti-nausea medication without the possible unpleasant side effects. Gin Gins Super Ginger Caramel is the latest addition to The Ginger People’s range of ginger foods and sweets. Delicious and slightly chewy, they are packed with a whopping 30% fresh ginger - a little traveller’s insurance to help make your next trip out the most comfortable yet! Gin Gins Super Ginger Caramel sweets cost £1.65 for a 31g box and are available from health shops nationwide and

Over-indulged? Formulated with essential herbs, vitamins and minerals that will naturally help your body to break down alcohol, Vie Recovery patches use transdermal technology to deliver their active ingredients into the bloodstream through the skin. These include vitamin C, green tea extract, globe artichoke extract, thiamine, taurine and chromium picolinate.
Simply apply a patch to a clean, dry and hairless area of your skin before your first drink. Patches can be left on for up to 24 hours. Vie Recovery Patches cost £4.95 for six patches and are available online from

Feeling a little under the weather? Nothing screams germ heaven like the stuffy confines of an aeroplane – let’s face it, you can hardly open the window when the person next to you starts sneezing like it’s going out of fashion. Stop germs in their tracks with Hübner’s ImmunPRO Infection Blocker (£7.95 for 15 tablets, It works by creating a physical barrier in the mouth and throat against germs and viruses and is ideal for when close contact with other people is unavoidable. Simply suck one tablet when you are at increased risk for two hours’ protection.

Now, where did you put those passports?

Saturday, 5 August 2017

50 Things To Do Outdoors This Summer

Three quarters (76%) of grandparents say they were far more adventurous and daring in their youth compared to both their children and grandchildren – with half (51%) confessing to never have seen their grandchildren climb a tree
86% of grandparents admit they have felt a joy in the responsibility to teach their grandchildren about the great outdoors, as children today spend half as much time as they did exploring outside

Research commissioned as part of The National Trust’s ‘50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 ¾’ initiative, which aims to encourage families to get outdoors and enjoy a relationship with nature.

The research polled 1,000 grandparents and parents for the charity as part of its ‘50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 ¾’ initiative –  which aims to encourage families to get outdoors and enjoy spending time together – looks at the importance of outdoor family play and how this builds a stronger appreciation and connection to nature.
National Trust research also found:

·         Children today spend 57% less time exploring outdoors than their parents and grandparents did – on average just 1 hour 20 mins a day, vs. 2 hours 40 mins (parents) and 3 and a half hours a day (grandparents)

·         87% of parents and grandparents said they enjoy seeing their offspring running wild and carefree, with 80% taking pleasure from seeing them playing outdoors away from technology devices

·         In addition, 95% of parents and grandparents agree that it is important for children to connect with nature so that they can build a relationship with the great outdoors and help future generations care for and protect it
To celebrate the joyful experiences the natural world has to offer, the Trust has created a wildlife documentary-style film, bringing to life the innate connection we all have with nature with grandparents leading the way. 

Supporting the National Trust’s findings, Behavioural Psychologist Donna Dawson (BA, MSc, PhD) adds:

“Grandparents today are spending more and more time with their grandchildren in the roles of childminder and carer, and consequently getting to share real ‘quality time’ with them. And the research shows that one of the things they are sharing is a love of nature and the great outdoors, something that harks back to their own happy childhood memories. Learning to appreciate Nature at a young, impressionable age makes it much more likely that children will grow up to pass on their love of outdoor experiences to future generations. As a grandmother of seven, I have seen the effects on my grandchildren myself: they are never happier then when running free in the fresh air and sunshine, exploring and asking questions about the natural world around them.”
The National Trust, which is funded entirely through the support of the public who visit, join and volunteer, is looking to inspire the next generation of children to plant their roots and kick-start a lifelong love affair with nature through its ‘50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 ¾’ initiative.

The List: ‘50 Things To Do Before You’re 11¾’

1. Climb a tree
2. Roll down a really big hill
3. Camp out in the wild
4. Build a den
5. Skim a stone
6. Run around in the rain
7. Fly a kite
8. Catch a fish with a net
9. Eat an apple straight from a tree
10. Play conkers
11. Go on a really long bike ride
12. Make a trail with sticks
13. Make a mud pie
14. Dam a stream
15. Play in the snow
16. Make a daisy chain
17. Set up a snail race
18. Create some wild art
19. Play pooh sticks
20. Jump over waves
21. Pick blackberries growing in the wild
22. Explore inside a tree
23. Visit a farm
24. Go on a walk barefoot
25. Make a grass trumpet
26. Hunt for fossils and bones
27. Go star gazing
28. Climb a huge hill
29. Explore a cave
30. Hold a scary beast
31. Hunt for bugs
32. Find some frogspawn
33. Catch a falling leaf
34. Track wild animals
35. Discover what’s in a pond
36. Make a home for a wild animal
37. Check out the crazy creatures in a rock pool
38. Bring up a butterfly
39. Catch a crab
40. Go on a nature walk at night
41. Plant it, grow it, eat it
42. Go swimming in the sea
43. Build a raft
44. Go bird watching
45. Find your way with a map and compass
46. Try rock climbing
47. Cook on a campfire
48. Learn to ride a horse
49. Find a geocache
50. Canoe down a river

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Wobbly Worm Game From Spinmaster Review

As we are full swing in the Summer holiday's it's sometimes so hard to keep the kids entertained or to break away from games and the internet. The kids really aren't interested in games that have a lot of pieces or take ages to set up. We always go for a simple but fun game.

We was excited to review the Wobbly Worm game from Spinmaster.  Inside the box is the base, worm poles that you attach to the base and the head. It's really easy to set up, the instructions was really easy to follow. The only problem is that the screw in back for the batteries is really long and we had to go buy a thin screwdriver so we could put the C batteries in ( not included) 

The game is really simple but so much fun, after popping the batteries in and piecing together the worn, you press the worm and be wiggles around. 

You have to throw the different size and coloured hoops over him. It actually a lot harder than it looks. 

The worn comes in four segments so you can make him longer or shorter, which is great for little ones. 

RRP - £19.99