Thursday, 25 May 2017

Moving Out And Budget Tips

Last month I received a letter to say my property is being demolished and cleared, within the next year.  We have been living here for over 8 years, so not only have I got a lot of clutter. I have to literally be ruthless on when I start to pack. Not only is it going to be very expensive as the furniture we have is really old, plus the children will have a room each we need to furnish. 

I've put a few tips together on how to save some money, when moving. 

De-clutter and make some ££ - I've come to the conclusion it's either, bin, donate or make some cash. Even if I get a few pounds it all add's up in the long run. Selling on Shpock & eBay can help with decluttering.  Also Shpock and Gumtree are great for people picking up free items, I'm not taking some of my bigger stuff like bookcases and table. So I will be listing them on free sites. which will save me money as I won't have to pay to get rid of them.  Some councils charge £25 to remove bulkier items from your home. 

These sites are also great for picking up tins of decorating bits including paint, we recently managed to pick up a whole new tin of pink paint for free. Which will be used for Lexie's room as she wants it pink. 

Cardboard boxes are expensive and once you are all moved in they will be thrown away. Ask in local shops and I've asked in my children's school to save me any bigger boxes, so I can start to sort and pack as I am going though each room.

CD's & DVD's can be sold in bulk and they can take up a huge amount of space. With everything online now, at the touch of our fingertips. We don't need a bulk amount of items, that probably we won't use again after moving. 

Don't forget there are some good rates  & ' Payday Loans'  which are great if you need something delivered quickly or something breaks down with simple and easy payments

Make furniture wishlists. Most online stores you can set up an account and make a wishlist, these are great for keeping eye on prices and you will notice if they go on sale. Always look for a discount code and use cash back sites when ordering anything off the Internet, it's great to get some cash back for something you was going to buy anyway. 

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