Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Fred's Variety Box Review

I've written before about mystery subscription boxes that I've signed up for myself. They can be so hit and miss, so I stopped all my current ones. When Freds box asked me to review a Variety box, I knew it would be something that Lexie would enjoy.

The box contains a bundle if mystery items and the box fits though the letterbox, so it will be at home waiting for you. . This box contains a variety of mystery products, but always will contain, trading cards, blind bag Ooshie, age appropriate reading book, Fred's Box pencil, sticker and 4 design your own postcards. Along with this you will also receive between 2 and 5 mystery gifts.

So in this months box was the following : 

Pink Glow in the dark fidget spinner, the kids already have a few of these already and Lexie is always asking for more. She hasn't got a glow in the dark one. So she was chuffed with this.

Shopkins bracelets, again she is a massive Shopkins fan so these have gone straight in her jewellery  box. 

DC Ooshies - Harley Quinn is Lexie's favourite so she was glad to receive this one. With over 40 to collect I'm sure these are going to be popular. 

Disney Princess Cards  - We haven't came across these before so we are going to check out if we can find a book to start collecting them. 

Littlest Pet Shop blind bag. These have over 100 to collect and from the pets in the city range. 

The School Trip  (oxford reading tree ) Lexie has books like this at school, which she is currently reading. I'm always happy to receive something that will encourage reading.

Fred pencil and postcards, a lovely added extra. To doodle and draw.

Lexie was really pleased with the box.

RRP - £11.99 

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  1. Looks like a great idea for youngsters. Better than keeping them quiet on the ipad.