Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Fred's Variety Box Review

I've written before about mystery subscription boxes that I've signed up for myself. They can be so hit and miss, so I stopped all my current ones. When Freds box asked me to review a Variety box, I knew it would be something that Lexie would enjoy.

The box contains a bundle if mystery items and the box fits though the letterbox, so it will be at home waiting for you. . This box contains a variety of mystery products, but always will contain, trading cards, blind bag Ooshie, age appropriate reading book, Fred's Box pencil, sticker and 4 design your own postcards. Along with this you will also receive between 2 and 5 mystery gifts.

So in this months box was the following : 

Pink Glow in the dark fidget spinner, the kids already have a few of these already and Lexie is always asking for more. She hasn't got a glow in the dark one. So she was chuffed with this.

Shopkins bracelets, again she is a massive Shopkins fan so these have gone straight in her jewellery  box. 

DC Ooshies - Harley Quinn is Lexie's favourite so she was glad to receive this one. With over 40 to collect I'm sure these are going to be popular. 

Disney Princess Cards  - We haven't came across these before so we are going to check out if we can find a book to start collecting them. 

Littlest Pet Shop blind bag. These have over 100 to collect and from the pets in the city range. 

The School Trip  (oxford reading tree ) Lexie has books like this at school, which she is currently reading. I'm always happy to receive something that will encourage reading.

Fred pencil and postcards, a lovely added extra. To doodle and draw.

Lexie was really pleased with the box.

RRP - £11.99 

Friday, 26 May 2017

Hitting My Target & Feeling Better Within, With Skinade

I wanted to say I have finally got to my target after ( changing it twice) 56 weeks later, down from a size 22-14 and losing a whopping 94.5 inches all around. I'm 4 stone 7.5lbs lighter and I feel amazing. 

Skinade got in touch at the perfect time, I'm coming on to my mid thirties and I've got heavy lines on the top of my brow and I can see more fine lines appearing. Not only with losing a good amount of weight I wanted to make sure my body and skin is getting the nutrition’s and vitamins it needs. I've always suffered with bad skin and I have done and tried everything to sort it out, but nothing works. 

Skinade are the leading collagen drink on the beauty market at the moment. Not only does Skinade reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but it also increases the skins hydration levels, meaning it is beneficial to dry skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis of the whole body. To see the benefits of Skinade, the drink must be drunk daily for a 30 day period. It tastes of Mangosteen and peach and is packed full of vitamins, with just 1.5grams of fructose sugar, no artificial colours and fewer then 38 calories per 15omg bottle. 

To fill you in drinking Skinade has a three-fold effect: increasing collagen in the bloodstream by adding the 7000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen in each bottle (daily dose) of Skinade as well as triggering the body’s own collagen production by firing up the fibroblasts (= our own collagen factories). Increasing collagen in the bloodstream also triggers the body’s production of hyaluronic acid which is responsible the optimising skin hydration. To optimise skin health, we must work from the inside out, as well as the outside in.

Not only does Skinade reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but it also increases the skins hydration levels, meaning it is beneficial to dry skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis of the whole body. To see the benefits of Skinade, the drink must be drunk daily for a 30 day period. It tastes of Mangosteen and peach and is packed full of vitamins, with just 1.5grams of fructose sugar, no artificial colours and fewer then 38 calories per 15omg bottle. 

Armed with my 30 day supply of 10 already made bottles and 20 sachets, that you add once per day to a half a glass of water. These are great to carry around in your bag if you are on the go. The flavour is a very sweet peach taste and after the first one, I didn't really notice the sweetness of it. 

To get the same ingredients as in Skinade you’d need to take about 20 large tablets per day. By taking Skinade’s ingredients in liquid form, you’ll absorb 80-90% of them, whereas you’d only absorb 30-40% of the ingredients when in tablet form.

After 30 days of drinking Skinade, my face is slightly better. I haven't had angry red breakouts and my nails are pretty amazing. I replay wish I had taken a picture of them before as they have gotten so long.

Prices start from £99 for a 30 day supply. Which works out around £3.30 which is a price of a coffee. 

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Moving Out And Budget Tips

Last month I received a letter to say my property is being demolished and cleared, within the next year.  We have been living here for over 8 years, so not only have I got a lot of clutter. I have to literally be ruthless on when I start to pack. Not only is it going to be very expensive as the furniture we have is really old, plus the children will have a room each we need to furnish. 

I've put a few tips together on how to save some money, when moving. 

De-clutter and make some ££ - I've come to the conclusion it's either, bin, donate or make some cash. Even if I get a few pounds it all add's up in the long run. Selling on Shpock & eBay can help with decluttering.  Also Shpock and Gumtree are great for people picking up free items, I'm not taking some of my bigger stuff like bookcases and table. So I will be listing them on free sites. which will save me money as I won't have to pay to get rid of them.  Some councils charge £25 to remove bulkier items from your home. 

These sites are also great for picking up tins of decorating bits including paint, we recently managed to pick up a whole new tin of pink paint for free. Which will be used for Lexie's room as she wants it pink. 

Cardboard boxes are expensive and once you are all moved in they will be thrown away. Ask in local shops and I've asked in my children's school to save me any bigger boxes, so I can start to sort and pack as I am going though each room.

CD's & DVD's can be sold in bulk and they can take up a huge amount of space. With everything online now, at the touch of our fingertips. We don't need a bulk amount of items, that probably we won't use again after moving. 

Don't forget there are some good rates  & ' Payday Loans'  which are great if you need something delivered quickly or something breaks down with simple and easy payments

Make furniture wishlists. Most online stores you can set up an account and make a wishlist, these are great for keeping eye on prices and you will notice if they go on sale. Always look for a discount code and use cash back sites when ordering anything off the Internet, it's great to get some cash back for something you was going to buy anyway. 

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Ravensburger 3D Puzzle - Despicable Me 3 Review

Raiden is a huge fan of puzzles and we have had the ball 3d puzzles from Ravensburger  before and he really enjoyed them. He was very keen to get started on the prisoner minion Despicable Me. 

The puzzle has easyclick technology, you start with number one and work around in a circle building it up. The pieces are clearly numbered and arrowed so you know which way to go and they are easy to fit in to each part. 

The box contains the 54 pieces, instructions, a base disc, a minions embellishment and plastic feet and legs.

 The puzzle is really easy to fit together and Raiden managed to build the minion within around 40 minutes, he did have to stop and piece together a part as he was a bit heavy handed with piecing in a part. It's gets slightly fiddly as you get closer to finishing it. 

RRP - £4.99 

Ages 6+ 

Saturday, 13 May 2017

New Look, Beefeater - Longbridge Review

Steak lovers of Birmingham can now rejoice - The Beefeater Longbridge has reopened its doors following some exciting changes. I hadn't gone to the Beefeater previously, so I wasn't too sure of how it looked before. The restaurant, on High Street, has undergone a stunning makeover to create a light and welcoming environment for guests. The venue boasts a fresh look inside and out, with booth seating now available for larger groups. With comfort and style a priority for Beefeater, visitors can now enjoy the modern interior and relax in the new-look bar. 

We was seated quite quickly on arrival and a drinks order was taken while we looked at the menu. The children's menu doubles up as an activity sheet too, which is a great touch. It's not often me and the kids have a treat out together, so we was very excited to taste test the menu.

With strong family values at the forefront of the business, the menu is jam-packed with a wide range of favourites, including tender steaks, mouth-watering burgers and fresh salads. Guests can also tuck into Beer-Battered Cod & Chips, Smothered Chicken and the Beefeater Mixed Grill, each prepared with care and presented with flare. In addition, Beefeater is now offering unlimited skinny or triple cooked chips with selected main meals. 

The children's menu offer is : 

1 Course - £4.75 - Main + Squash
2 Courses - £5.49 - Main + Squash with Starter or Pud
3 Courses - £5.99 Starter + Main + Pud + Squash

This is such good value for a children's menu, and I was shocked by the prices. 

The kids started off with a mixed veggie starter which was celery, cucumber and red pepper sticks, with a yogurt and cucumber dip. 

Raiden went for steak and chips for his main, which is a 4oz steak with chips and peas. 

Lexie had Spaghetti Bolognese and swapped her garlic bread for fries.

I like how you are open to swap for different sides, if you wanted to it leaves the meal fuss free. 

I tried to stay as much on the Slimming world plan, as I could and went for the Smoky Paprika Chicken, chicken breast marinated smoky paprika and chargrilled. I swapped my chips for a jacket potato and a side salad. I didn't eat the chunky slaw even though it looked amazing.  

The kids had the Funny Face Sundae for pudding -  Create your own funny face with strawberry laces, chocolate beans, marshmallows and a wafer cone hat. Both the kids enjoyed making and mixing all of the different things themselves.

After being so good at lunch I went all out and had the Cookie Dough Sundae. Which wasn't slimming world friendly- whoops!! ( I didn't regret one mouthful either) 

Delicious vanilla and cookie dough ice creams, layered with chocolate brownie chunks, topped with chocolate sauce, a whip of cream and a wafer.

Beefeater prides itself on affordable quality with not-to-be-missed deals and offers. Steak and chips is up for grabs from just £11.19 with a Daytime Menu also available between Monday and Saturday before 6.30pm. Enjoy top-notch food at your new-look Beefeater – and we guarantee it won’t break the bank.

For further details visit