Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Visiting Sicily with Kids- 5 Great Tips!

Traveling is a whole different ball game when you are bringing your kids along. It means some extra stops along scenic walks and car rides with a few naps in between, but it also means extra energy and family memories to last you a lifetime. Although travelling with kids does add more to your to-do list, it is certainly worth doing.

Here are 5 tips on how to enjoy a fantastic family holiday in one of the world’s most popular destinations- Sicily.

1. Rent a villa

Having a private and quiet place to go at the end of long adventurous days can make all the difference on your holiday. Renting a villa is ideal for families, especially in Sicily as it is not very expensive. You could even look into a Sicily villa with a pool that will give you a safe space to play with your kids. It also is comparable cost-wise because instead of paying for multiple rooms through another accommodation option, you pay for one single option. Plus, at a villa you will even have your own kitchen, which can be very convenient if you choose to cook a couple meals at home.

2. When in doubt, go for classic foods

For your time out and about, Sicily has many typical Italian staples,  such as pizza, pasta and gelato that even the pickiest of eaters can find comfort amongst. There are, of course, many local dishes that your family can experiment with, as well!

3. Plan ahead for the weather

Sun cream and sun hats are a must in Sicily! Weather in Sicily is completely different than that in the UK, and there is nothing like uncomfortable sunburn to bring your vacation to a halt. Be sure to pack the gear you’ll need, water shoes and all!

4. Pack only the essentials

On the note of packing… do yourself a favour and do not over pack! I know it is so tempting to pack all the ‘what-if’ items, but as long as you have the necessary items, you will be fine! I find it helps to imagine two different scenarios: one of you juggling extra bags while your kid is crying in the airport and the contents of the bags spilling everywhere, or another of you picking up a small laundry detergent once you’re out there so you can do one load of laundry for the family and pack a bit less. Needless to say, 99.9% of the time I end up going with the latter.

5. Plan ahead and (and make a back-up plan)

Let’s face it- you never know when a melt down or temper tantrum could sneak up on you. Having options and then some more will give you the flexibility to work around these hiccups. For example, if a day trip to the beach gets cut short by a melt down from your tired 4-year-old, getting home for a nap, snack or simple distraction can alter your afternoon schedule. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up your afternoon trip to Mount Etna! Keeping your to-do list flexible and having an idea how to get around will keep you relaxed, while you avoid spending half of your vacation thinking ‘what next?’ Remember a holiday is supposed to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. If plans don’t go as you’d hoped try to take it in your stride and take pleasure in the little things (and the fact you are spending quality time with your loved ones).

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