Thursday, 6 April 2017

Shimmer & Shine Dress Up Trunk From Just Play Review

Lexie is a huge fan of the Shimmer and Shine series on Nickelodeon. So Lexie was utterly thrilled with the new dress up trunk we received to review. The trunk itself is a solid little box, filled with genie sparkle. Not only to store the dressing up items in, it's great for any other items to put in. Lexie loves boxes and has an array of them littered everywhere with random things In.

Included in the box are some cute purple genie slippers to channel your inter Genie.

 Two bracelets with 12 interchangeable jewels to decorate the bracelets with different styled gems. Or the spinner included you can spin to see what the arrow lands on to decorate.

Two pink bottle hair clips are included and decorative genie bottle storage container. Lexie loved all the Shimmer and Shine pieces included, so much she's asked for the dressing up costume that is in the Shimmer & Shine range from Just Play. Included in the range are Shimmer & Shine wig sets, Shimmer & Shine boxed dress up sets and Shimmer & Shine jewellery boxes.

RRP - £12.99

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