Thursday, 20 April 2017

Pinypon Fairy Tales Range Review

Lexie got a massive treat on her birthday as she got a mega bundle of toys delivered from Bandai, Pinypon fairy tales range

We received 2 Pinypon dolls as fairytale characters, Little Red Riding Hood  & Rapunzel. In the range you also can collect Snow White, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Pocahontas & Alice in Wonderland. All well loved children's fairytale classics, that children know and can relate to there favourites. They each come with a pet and accessories for you too play with too.

We also received the Princess and Prince pack with the lovely pink carriage. The carriage is bursting with a trunk you can add all the accessories in to. 

The carriage opens up for dressing room play and it has little holes you can display items on, the mirror is great for play and get the figures to see their new styles and accessories. There is a special feature in which a crown can be lowered onto the princesses head by turning the heart on the top of the carriage. 

Each figure has little holes you can attach different accessories too, crowns, wands, sword, flowers etc. Great fun for giving the figures a bit of variety and mixing and matching them up. The figures hair can be changed and you can rotate the faces to show another expression which I think is fantastic, lexie really liked this feature. It's something that she hasn't seen before. 

I was quite surprised to find out the figure sets start from £3.99 which is great value, the figures are quite large and are very durable. 

The products are 4+, CE marked and are typically for children aged 4-9.

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