Monday, 3 April 2017

Meet The Fur Babies

I know I've mentioned about our furry babies before but I thought I would do a proper induction with some new pictures.

Koko is our little dwarf hamster and we have had him for around 1.5 years. He is such a gentle fellow that escapes from the tubes on his cage and we regularly fine him strolling around. Koko is very gentle and will sit in your hand while you stroke him, until he wakes up then he is off.

Oreo is our very large guinea pig. I remember having a guinea pig when I was growing up. Oreo seems to be so big compared to what I remembered of mine. Oreo is very noisy and if he hears you or you make a sound you can hear him wheaking. He also is very keen to let you know when his food bowl is empty too. Oreo is still a baby as we have only had him for around six months and he already has a very cheeky personality.

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