Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Why I’m Proud to be a Brummie

 Birmingham is known as Britain’s ‘Second City’ and for good reason. Brummie’s may get some flack from time to time over our distinctive accents, but despite sometimes being the butt of a joke, the famous Brummie sense of humour means these remarks are like water off a duck’s back. Birmingham is a fantastic place to work, live and raise a family. Here are some of my top reasons why I love Birmingham.

1. Work Life

Birmingham offers a work-life balance that generates a special type of happiness. There are big names, such as HSBC and High Speed 2 as well as start-up companies that create plenty of exciting opportunities and appealing jobs in Birmingham. The convenience and variety found within the city also makes a huge difference for workers, from lunch breaks to errand spots. As one of the least congested cities in the UK, getting around is made easy and house prices are even shockingly fair.

2. Canals and greenery

There is nothing like a city that has some nature mixed throughout. We may not have a natural coast, but there are five canals in Birmingham and you never need to go too far to get to some greenery at one of our 571 parks.  Plus, there are lakes and reservoirs that make for the perfect afternoon out. After visiting other cities and feeling like I was in a concrete jungle, my appreciation for this part of Birmingham has only grown. Fun fact: In 1774, Birmingham minister Joseph Priestley discovered oxygen. From us Brummies, we thank you Mr. Priestley. Birmingham and our 8,000 acres of open space wouldn’t be, feel or be appreciated the same without your discovery.

3. Foodies are forever happy here.

Olive magazine declared Birmingham ‘Britain’s foodiest town’ for a reason. Did you know the famous Balti was created in Birmingham? You can find over 100 Balti houses here, with the majority of them located in a go-to destination for visitors and locals: the Balti Triangle. We also have numerous Michelin-starred restaurants with a street food scene to match it. In fact, outside of London, there are more Michelin-starred restaurants in Birmingham than any other city in the UK. P.S. In case chocolate is more your thing, we are also the home of Cadbury and also have a chocolate factory.

4. B-Movies

Birmingham is a place that fuels creativity. Many filmmakers are taking advantage of the city for set purposes, and there is amazing industry talent that comes straight from and to the city. From mainstream to independent films, you can find it all. The city is actually frequently used to double as London in movies and series. Plus Peaky Blinders, one of the hottest series on TV right now is set and filmed in our very own streets of Birmingham.

5. Diversity

Birmingham is an extremely diverse city with people of all ages and backgrounds and from all walks of life. In fact, a third of the residents are of ethnic minority origin. There are over a million people who live here, and mostly all are accepting with their arms wide open. We are very, very thankful for the rich diversity we have here.

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  1. Ah it's making me miss Brum!! One proud Brummie over here!!!