Saturday, 25 March 2017

We Are Going On A Bear Hunt - 4 in 1 Games Review

We was very excited to get to review the 4 in 1 games. Lexie has just learnt about the Going on a bear hunt at school and since it's been a firm favourite at bedtime. She has been telling me all the different activities that they have been doing since looking at it at school. It's actually one of my favourites to read too, I can't help but feel for the little bear that just wants to make a friend.

The 4 in 1 games is packed with hours of fun - Bingo, Snap, 4 Shapes In A Row & Twisted Pairs. I love how the game are quick and simple, it doesn't leave long for Lexie to get fed up or lose concentration with the games.

Lexie loved playing snap, trying to match up the pairs and reading some of the writing on the cards as we was playing.

4 Shapes In A Row is a great game the youngest goes first by spinning the spinner whatever the spinner lands on the person puts there counter on. Only 1 token can be placed on the coloured spaces. The first person to get a line of 4 in a row is the winner. A perfect game for learning different colours and shapes.

Twisted pairs is a great game of memory place all cards turned down on the floor they you turn two over to see if they match. If you get a matching pair you can have another go. If you get a BEAR card the player must shout out Bear take the bearcats shuffle all the remaining cards, so the cards are all mixed up again.

The last game was Bingo each player takes a Bingo board and counters you have little picture cards that you turn over and see if it matches on your board. If you have the matching picture you cover it with a counter.

You can buy this great game set from Paul Lamond Games

RRP £11.

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