Thursday, 2 March 2017

Turning 10!!

Ok so my baby boy turned double figures this weekend and I've felt so emotional leading up to it. His last birthday he got diagnosed with Autism and in all fairness I still haven't fully accepted it. This year we wanted to do something special, for him to celebrate with his friends, to have a stress free and a birthday to remember for all the right reasons.. 

So last year we went to the launch of RushUK which is really close to where we live. Raiden is very energetic and can get very excited easily. Raiden absolutely loved in there, so much to do and so much to engage in. He was able to be his normal self without worrying about what others think.. We knew it was going to be his first choice for his party. We actually entered a competition where there was only two entries, but sadly we didn't win.

So without a doubt the party was booked and all was well. The whole emails, waivers etc was very stressful and the food I confirmed twice still wasn't put on or the extra children I added on...

All in all Raiden had a fantastic time on the weekend, the smiles I caught all day was worth every penny. His friends all had a fantastic time, the party staff was amazing and couldn't help enough. He definitely had a birthday to remember..

His cake was from the lovely love cake supplies  which isn't far from Rush in Cotteridge. Rich was an amazing help with the whole design of the cake. I really had no idea what I wanted and he came up with Pikachu on the pokeball. We had so many comments on the cake and it tasted delicious.

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