Thursday, 30 March 2017

April Is Autism Awareness Month

I will never ask anyone to understand Autism, why??? because I simply do not understand it myself. Autism is so complexed and everyday is a different ball game...  BUT... just spare a thought when you are out and about when children look like they are misbehaving.. Austism is a hidden disability, you can't always tell if someone is autistic.

A child that is fixed on an electronic device that may have it on a little too loud.. That child may be trying to drain out the noise that is burning in their ears. That could be people talking, the bell, even the noise the wheels are making.

A child that is lashing out or shouting at a parent or a loved one. That child may be finding it hard being in the surroundings they are in, maybe walked a different way to usual. They aren't doing it to be unruly or disrespectful it's just their way of coping.

A child that constantly interrupts a conversation. They aren't doing it to be rude, If the conversation keeps going they feel may miss the opportunity to comment on the subject. Children with Autism brains change the way it gathers information.

Anyone knows a child with autism is totally different to the next, just a change to a simple normal everyday situation can cause a meltdown. These meltdowns are extremely frustrating for both children and anyone around them at the time.

Meltdowns can occur when a teacher is off school, cutting carrots in sticks instead of circles, changing a brand of tomato sauce. Normally the most simple things.

April is Autism awareness month, please share and raise awareness because at one point my child didn't have Autism either.

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