Monday, 6 February 2017

Glimmies From Flair Review

A brand new range from Flair, Glimmies are star fairies sent by the moon to take care of “Glimmieswood” forest animals. This is the reason why Glimmies have cute resemblances to forest animals and love endless adventures in the name of friendship and always respect nature. 

There are 23 Glimmies to collect and come in single blister packs at £3.99 each. All have different features, colours and facial expressions. Each are 6 cm high they are perfect to fit in to a pocket or a bag.

We received two Glimmies and Lexie has absolutely loved them. The Glimmies are not only cute little fairy forest animals they magically light up and shine bright in your hand just like a firefly.

These are aimed at children aged 3 - 6 years


  1. Aww these are cute, I think my son would like them :) x