Sunday, 5 February 2017

A Little Obsession....

Being an Ex-Raver I'm drawn to anything that has a bit of colour, preferably the whole rainbow and anything a bit plastic.. I loved the whole junk jewellery vibe then I got really fat and anything of a standard necklace wouldn't fit around my neck.. A huge non scale victory has happened and I'm able to wear standard necklaces and I've found a couple hidden gems!

Down The Rabbit Hole has became a favourite and as I work in a school I wear them a lot with my outfits and I get loads of compliments especially the rainbow one.

IvyBell Designs has gorgeous bold one off statement pieces and the two I own have a retro feel to them , trolls and my little pony. Again I get a huge amount of compliments when I wear these two, people are really drawn to them.

The last hidden gem is Mr Creepys Wonder Emporium , now these aren't very work friendly but are absolutely amazing! You all know I'm a massive Horror fan. Mr C has created some very cool necklaces mashing some well known horror gods and ice creams together and the outcome is pretty awesome.

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